I Am Legend

“I am Legend” is the movie my husband & I both thought of as we walked the deserted streets of Downtown Las Vegas on Saturday.

senior boy deserted downtown

Due to COVID-19 & our governor-mandated 30 day shutdown of all “non-essential” businesses, including gaming,  Downtown Las Vegas is deserted; and not just the city, but the whole state…

Senior Boy Deserted Las Vegas

Just like that, our world is a different place.

senior boy skateboarding down deserted downtown street las vegas

I know many Class of 2020 seniors are mourning this COVID-19 disruption to the end of their senior year. I agree that this can be a tough time for them. I do not want to diminish their disappointments. However, I hope that we can help them look forward with hope in the future and help them understand that their own, personal attitude can make a huge difference with how they are impacted by the current world environment. I believe we need to help them see the uniqueness of their situation and that their perspective & positive attitude can greatly influence and help others. To be upbeat, hopeful, and optimistic always beats pessimism and negativity. 

Deserted Downtown Las Vegas alleyway Senior Boy Photos

That being said, when I suggested  shooting in our Deserted Downtown Las Vegas, Logan jumped at the chance! Logan chose to make an adventure of the end of his senior year instead of mourning it, and I was thrilled!

deserted downtown senior boy suit

And, boy, did we have an adventure!! Haha

Senior boy deserted downtown las vegas
Future Missionary!

Let me back up for a minute and explain my connection to this stellar young man. Logan’s grandparents were in the same congregation as my husband when he was growing up but before Logan’s mom was even born. My husband remembers Logan’s sweet, maternal grandmother very well, as his mother was Logan’s grandma’s friend! (Try saying that fast,10 times! haha) Also, we have gone to Church with Logan and his family for over fifteen years. His dad has been a mentor to my boys and friend to my daughters; his mom is not only a dear friend, but she has mentored and befriended my daughters, as well. I love his family and all our many connections! 

deserted downtown senior boy suit

…Back to this incredible young man! He is so much fun! His cheerful attitude is contagious!

guitar playing senior deserted downtown

Um, can you believe that I was serenaded, AGAIN? 🎶 He is a talented young man, as well as an intelligent, happy, optimistic one!

Deserted downtown las vegas guitar playing
Playing guitar for the photographer is now a requirement in all my senior sessions! 😉

Logan wanted to capture this time in his life, a time that he will be able to not only tell his children & grandchildren about but will be able to show them… waiting for things to get “back to normal” wasn’t an option. Besides, a photograph is a powerful thing.

Boy skating down deserted street downtown las vegas

(FYI: they’re a little uptight at the Fremont Street Experience, right now. No judgment…just probably tired of telling people to “move on,” but, sometimes, people with a little authority think they have more power than they really do -just sayin’! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Metro agreed with us.👮🏾👏🏻🚔)

senior boy sing downtown deserted las vegas

At one point we were shooting in a deserted street when my husband called out that there was a van coming. 🚐 No big deal. We were on the yellow dividing line without any other cars, so there was at least one empty lane between us and the slow-moving van. It was no big deal, that is, until the van hit its lights and sirens. haha Yup. An LVMPD van.🤦🏼‍♀️ We immediately, and sheepishly, laughed and hustled off the street. 🚔

I am so very thankful for our police officers and ALL First Responders who work tirelessly to keep our community safe during these crazy times!

senior boy deserted downtown

Due to concerns over COVID-19, our world has changed, at least temporarily. This can be a time of mourning or a time of looking for the unique experiences. Logan chose to look for the unique and is finding joy in his journey, regardless of circumstances!

Senior boy downtown deserted streets

How often can we be legendary in our own day and time? I believe we can be legendary every day. Logan knows that he can.

Deserted Downtown Senior Boy photos
A truly Legendary Young Man

Post ScriptFriends help friends practice safe social distancing!

social distancing seniors deserted downtown las vegas

Post Post Script – The Governor said to go outside and practice safe social distancing. I think you’ll agree that I did just that from the photos below!

safe social distancing seniors
Are you as impressed by my lunge as I am?
safe social distancing seniors
Social Distance Photography! – new name for my business…?

Thin Blue Line Deserted Downtown Las Vegas Epic Senior boy

March 24, 2020

  1. Heidi says:

    I cannot day enough good things about this whole experience!! Andrea has such an eye for this, she makes the whole experience so fun & so easy!! She has the best personality so you spend the whole time laughing and smiling! She really knows her stuff so you don’t have to put any effort into it, just show up and smile and do what she says 🤣.
    Thank you Andrea!!! These are priceless photos!!

  2. Kathleen Mecham (Tebbs Johnson) says:

    I love this! Great idea and I think it will catch on. Your optimism and sincere concern for others is so admirable. And you are a great photographer. Maybe I’ll have to hire you for some post wedding photos. Much love to you and your family. I hope all is well.

  3. Jen Orme says:

    Longboarding down Fremont! This is the definition of EPIC! Love all of these pics of this incredible young man.

  4. Lisa Amick says:

    This was amazing! What a great young man and I love how you captured his expressions and what is actually going on in the world! Well done!

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