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Sally Lightfoot on black lava
My favorite, non-water Sally Pic

The Lord is my Rock

The Lord is my rock scripture with sally lightfoot crab

What is my obsession with the Sally Lightfoot Crab, you might ask? Why am I using them SO OFTEN and always posting them with a scripture or quote about “Trusting God?” Well, we have to go back a little in time… to January! (See? -not too far back, although March 2020 seems to have lasted at least 9 months!) I was blessed to go on the trip of a lifetime with my husband, father, older brother, and niece to the Galapagos islands with National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions. It was a photo excursion trip, and the most memorable trip I have ever been on! I have never seen so much wildlife, closeup, and been able to be so very close to them! IT WAS AMAZING! The major rule was that we needed to stay back two meters (6 feet) from the wildlife.  (hmmmm…six foot rule…sound familiar?)

husband and Galapagos Sea Lions
The animals didn’t care that we were there! My husband is within six feet of them!

We saw so many sea lions, wild birds, iguanas, and Sally Lightfoot crabs on the islands (and in the water while snorkeling)! On about the fifth day, we had an early morning photo expedition on South Plaza. Emily Mount, the Lindblad photographer, gave us instruction about how to take a long exposure photograph, where the water is smooth instead of “frozen.”

Long exposure crab in water
See how smooth the water looks? This effect is due to a slow camera shutter, aka long exposure.

Emily explained that I would only have a few photographs that would actually turn out due to the natural camera shake and the fact that the Sally Lightfoot crabs were moving, as well.

photographers trying to get long exposure sally light foot pics
My brother and I trying to get some Sally Lightfoot long exposure shots

Well, I sat for a periods of about 30-40 minutes on two different occasions on South Plaza in Galápagos Islands observing them. Over and over, again, the waves would come crashing down on them, but they held on tight and never let the waves move them off their rocks!

Sally Lightfoot crab holding tight to rock

I was HOOKED! I loved the beautiful coloring on these fascinating crustaceans… and loved the cool effect of long exposure! I was thrilled to have been able to stabilize my camera enough to get some fun shots! (um…enough to get a TON of them! haha)

Sally Lightfoot holding tight

Some crabs were closer to the water than others. The ones that were in the water would occasionally have waves crashing down upon them, due to the tide, but they held fast and were not moved off their various rocks.

Sally Lightfoot Galapagos
I love how this Sally Lightfoot seems to be smiling , even as the waves come crashing down!

I was fascinated by their ability to hang on and not be moved, even though the waves would douse them and, at times, completely cover them, sometimes for 30 seconds or longer…. When the waves would recede, the Sally Lightfoot would still be there, standing firm. 

Sally Lightfoot submerged
A different crab and a different angle… and, boy, was he pounded upon!

During this morning deluge of the tide, the Sally Lightfoot crabs stayed unmoved and endured the beatings! I was fascinated by their ability to be unmoved!

Sally Lightfoot molting
Not only do they receive their nutrients from the ocean, they absorb the water to help expand their shells; they then expel the water, to help make room for them to grow bigger (molting).
I was the only one to grab this photo of the crab spitting out the water! 😀

Everything about these crabs struck me as such a poignant analogy for our spiritual journey here in life! The Sally Lightfoot crabs live near the water; it is essential for their survival. Waves are a part of living by the water.

Hold on, Sally Lightfoot!

They can either let the waves consume them and sweep them out to sea, or they can hold on to the rock and ride out the wave. They can let the wave fill them with water to help them grow (molt) then expel it to make them more comfortable. It is their life: hold on, and it all works out.

Smiling Sally Facing the Storm
I love this grinning Sally! It’s like she’s saying, “Bring it on!”

We live in the world, and trials are a part of life. If we hold on to the Rock of Christ, trust Him, and ride out the trial, we will be alright. -better than alright! Trials can actually help us grow! They can help us make room for better things. If we trust God, smile, and “enjoy the ride,” it will all work out! There are times in our lives when we have more trials than other times, much like the coming of the tide… however, it is not permanent; the tide does recede. We can move to a higher location, as well, where we won’t get beat on as much. hmmmm…. go higher! (That’s an analogy for another day!) 😉

three sally lightfoot crabs on rocks
In the midst of the “storm(tide)
end of the storm sally lightfoot crab
After the storm! -having family and friends nearby helps strengthen us!

On Being Still…

To capture the images below I ventured out off of the beach & onto the lava. There were several Sally Lightfoot crabs on a solitary rock. I really wanted the desired long exposure effect, I had to hold extremely still. The lava was cutting into my knee, & it was hard to maintain still in such an uncomfortable position. My National Geographic photo instructor Rich Reid informed me that I’d be lucky to even have one actually turn out, because the crabs were not holding still! The waves were few and far between at this location, as well.

Sally Lightfoot crab is an island in Galapagos
See the juvenile crab on the other side of the rock? He came up and touched the adult Sally between waves…it really looked like he was seeking comfort.
It was spectacular, beautiful moment.

However uncomfortable I was, I wanted this shot! We knelt so quietly for so long and moved so little out on the lava, that a nearby sea lion pup finally decided to come check us out. (We were an anomaly because the other humans were up on the beach and walking about while we held extremely still for about 15 minutes.) 

Crab is an island, long exposure
I am thrilled to have been able to get these shots! Thanks, Rich!

He eventually turned when he realized that we had company! Rich informed our new friend that he needed to stay back two meters! And that HE had approached us, rather than the other way around! That’s when I took this quick snapshot of the pup with my iPhone.

Photographers Holding still on Galapagos
Two Feet! Two Feet! -and YOU came us to us!
(I’m so thankful my husband got these shots of us!)

Had I not listened to my mentor, slowed down, been willing to wait (even though I was uncomfortable), and “been still,” I would’ve never gotten these amazing photographs, nor would I have been able to have such a sweet experience, being so close to the sea lion pup.

sally lightfoot crab surrounded by water
Be Still: My best photo from this spot

What a life lesson for me: slow down, listen, possibly endure some discomfort, be patient, and “Be still…” The blessings come!

Sally Lightfoot white background

This was a trip of a LIFETIME, & I am so grateful to my father for making this opportunity possible! These memories will last a lifetime!

sally lightfoot light background

Keep scrolling for more inspirational, Sally Lightfoot pics & memes!

Several Sally Lightfoot crabs
Trust in the Lord with all thy Heart Sally being doused
Progressive Trust in God SLF crabs
Trust in the Lord's timing
Sally Lightfoot Trust God quote
Rock of our Redeemer Sally LF
Be Still and Know that I AM GOD Sally photo

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite scripture or uplifting quote you’d like me to add to one of my photographs!

Smiling Sally Facing the Storm

April 7, 2020

  1. Suzanne Clark says:

    These are spectacular. Thanks soooo much for posting. Proverbs 3:5-6 is a favorite of mine. It was our special Mission scripture on my FHL Mission in SLC. I also love Alma 32:21 and Isaiah55::8-9 and Psalms 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God “. I feel these are appropriate for times of trial too. You have already posted several of my other favorites. Thanks again for sharing your incredible talent and spiritual insight. Love, Mom

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