Wow! So beautiful! Andrea is the BEST! I love how she connects with her subjects. She has such great ideas for making creative and fun poses. She just did our son's wedding and I can’t imagine ever using any other photographer. It was a perfect day all around. Thank you for all of your hard work, engagements, bridal’s, Temple, luncheon, and reception. Your awesome photography will save the memories of that perfect day for Shaun and Brooklynn to look back on the rest of their lives and then pass to their posterity. She spoiled us for sure.
~Jolene, Mother of the Groom

You’re amazing!! Thank you so much! The pictures are just beautiful. It’s hard to choose which ones to blow up because they all look so great. You’re very talented. We appreciate everything you did for us all the trips back and forth to Utah to take photos of Shaun and Brooklynn. You captured memories that they will cherish forever!!
~Sherry, Mother of the Bride

More Kind Words

I absolutely LOVEEE these! Andrea, they turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!
Andrea does an AMAZING JOB!  She really knows how to make pictures just so fun. There is never a dull moment! I will be having Andrea take all of my pictures. She is so professional yet so caring and so fun! I can’t say thank you enough💕~Cherie, Bride

Andrea, you are the most talented photographer. I love the way you captured their glow. The lighting is beautiful. You really have a talent for capturing emotion and their love for each other. Thank you so much for taking the time to shoot their engagements while there were still beautiful colors in the trees.
You are amazing! ~Jo, Mother of Bride

...and Even MORE Kind Words!

This photoshoot was the most comfortable I have ever felt while
 getting pictures taken of me! I have never liked pictures being
taken of me. I always feel awkward and never know what
to do which made me super nervous for this photoshoot. I
knew it would be a different experience because Andrea is an
amazing photographer, but there was still that fear of not
knowing what to do. Right at the start, Andrea reminded me
that this would be a fun experience and that she would help me
every step of the way. And that is what she did! It was so fun
and she helped me to feel natural and beautiful. 
I’m so glad that this was my experience because it’s changed
the way I look at photographers, I’m no longer afraid of them! 
Bottom line, Andrea is good at what she does! Plus, she’s amazing company. I wouldn’t regret working with her!
~LillyAnn (Birthday Portraits)