A Little Trust, Good Music , & a Dirt Bike

Dry Lake Bed Senior Boy Cool

Six years ago, I had just decided to “go Pro” as a photographer. To help the young women in my ward and to help “get my name out there,” I decided to donate two photo sessions to the YW Camp Auction. A friend and fellow Church member bought one of the sessions for her son’s high school senior photos.

Class of 2020 senior boy

We had a great time taking his pictures, and she continued to call me when she had child that needed senior pictures. Her taking a chance on me, as a photographer, gave me the opportunity to get to know her even better than before, strengthened our friendship, & helped me grow in confidence as a photographer. It has meant so very much to me, and I am so grateful for her trusting me!

Awesome Senior Young Man Dry Lake Bed

That being said, you need to meet Aaron, the handsome dude in these pictures. He is my friend’s youngest son, graduating Senior, Class of 2020, & all-around awesome young man! He is smart, fun, talented, & has a fabulous personality! -and just check out that smile of his; it’s contagious!

class of 2020 senior boy suit dry lake bed

Seriously, though, taking Aaron’s Seniors was So. Much. Fun! He was laughing and smiling through the whole thing! I’ve heard other photographers complain about Senior Guys but not me. I love shooting senior guys, at least, MY senior guys, guys like Aaron. He knows who he is. He has confidence. He has a plan for the future, and that future is bright!

(Maybe I love taking Senior guys so much because, once upon a time, I had two awesome, teenage boys of my own; & I loved this time of their lives. Actually, I loved everything about my teenage sons and daughters -such great memories! I see that Aaron and his family have made similar, wonderful, family memories. It makes my heart happy.)

las vegas seniors guitar dry lake bed

Aaron will be at BYUI this Fall and then off on a mission! His college plans are pretty epic because he’ll be living with his big brothers/best friends; so he has some super fun plans, already!

class of 2020 senior boy bike guitar dry lake bed

Aaron is such a smiley guy, as well! It was hard for him NOT to be grinning, ear-to-ear, in every shot. He totally rocked the serious shots, though, too. I just love that he is so happy! He made the shoot so fun!

senior guy las vegas dry lake bed guitar

I love that Aaron’s family is so close! Half his family was at his shoot, and it was a party, albeit a windy one! All the love and laughter made for a great time. (Not to worry. We were outside and six feet apart!) The wind & storm clouds kept things interesting and made for some dramatic pictures at times…and the wind blew any germs away!

guitar plaid shirt dry lake bed seniors 2020

Best part of his shoot? HE SERENADED ME! Seriously! Okay, maybe not me, personally, but he played his guitar while I took pictures! I almost got him to sing for me. Maybe, someday, at his wedding I’ll get to hear him. 😉 Seriously, he is a talented musician.

Senior Boy playing guitar dry lake bed nv

Then, I found out about his true love… I am so glad she came along for the shoot! Taking their photos for the last bit of his shoot was the perfect way to end our time together.

dirt bike seniors las vegas dry lake

I can’t wait to see what life holds for this incredible young man.

dirt bike hang loose seniors 2020 las vegas

Happy Graduation, Aaron!

dirt bike senior boy dry lake 2020

Until we meet again, my friend. Happy Trails!

Senior Boy las vegas 2020 dry lake bed

March 19, 2020

  1. Samantha Morris says:

    Andrea is the best! She has captured Aaron perfectly in these photos. Over the years she has photographed 5 of my kids for their senior photos. Each time she has found the perfect location and setting to capture the essence of their personality. She has a true, natural gift and I am so grateful for her. When you need an incredible photographer- you need Andrea MacKay!

  2. Caleb says:

    These look great! These pictures feel very sincere (not forced) and look authentic to Aaron! Wonderful job Andrea!

  3. Heidi says:

    Wow what an amazing shoot! So unique and personal to Aaron! Andrea really goes the extra mile to make these photos memorable & personalized. These are amazing!!

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