Las Vegas Temple Sunset Bridals

las vegas LDS temple wedding sunset photo
Dreamy, glow-y light for their Temple Sunset Pictures!

It’s 109 degrees F. There is a slight breeze, but there are no clouds to offer reprieve. It is HOT. Craig & Kelsee have only been husband and wife for a little over an hour. They’ve been taking family and wedding party photos outside the whole time. He comes to me as a new husband concerned for his sweet, Idaho bride. His new wife is melting in the heat. He asks if we can only spend a few minutes taking their Mr. & Mrs. photos to capture her hair & bouquet before being done with pictures. “Of course!” I replied. “Get her into the shade to cool off!” (Wait… Why was I not frantic about only taking pictures for a few more minutes? Isn’t that my job?! I didn’t panic because we had spent just over an hour the night before capturing the most amazing pictures at the Temple in the creamy, dreamy Golden Hour just before sunset!) -So, knowing that they were almost done, we spent ten minutes in the cool shade taking their “official” first photos as husband and wife, and then I let them go. They left to cool down, relax, and get ready for their reception! 

husband wife temple wedding portrait
Wedding Day!

I’m so thankful that sweet, kind Kelsee trusted me and was willing to come take pictures the night before their wedding! She and Craig are such a happy, joyful couple! It was 105 when we started, but we had a breeze and were in shade until the sun was almost set… Then it really started to cool off (well, for Vegas…and it’s a dry heat)! They were excited and, yet, relaxed. They laughed a bunch! I was so excited for them!  I loved getting to spend this time with them the night before their wedding. It turned out that taking those pictures was a huge blessing, and we all LOVE the results of both the sunset and wedding day pictures!  Win – Win!

Las Vegas Temple Sunset Formal Wedding Bridal

September 8, 2019

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