Utah Mountain Engagements

Shaun and Brooklynn are engaged! I am so very happy for them! They were such good sports last weekend… They drove over an hour to meet me up at my great-grandparent’s cabin property for their engagement session. I love this property for all the wonderful childhood memories that I have…and for the beauty of the aspen trees, the river, and the Utah mountains! It has a special place in my heart, and I loved being able to share this place with such an amazing couple that is near and dear to my heart, as well.

-just look at how happy they are!

Shaun and Brooklynn have known each other almost their whole lives. I love how they know each other so very well! Their wedding is just a few months away. You can feel (and see) the anticipation!

natural light LDS engagement picture
I love her laugh, but probably not as much as he does! 😉
natural light LDS engagement picture
Laughing and talking together is such an essential part of of healthy relationship.
They’re off to a great start!
natural light LDS engagement picture
Walking photos are among my favorites. Walking together & holding hands is such a natural thing for couples. I love the normality of it, yet each couple is so unique in how the do it…
Shaun & Brooklynn…just 56 more days! 😉

Ending with a funny story about the following photo. They look like I told them to gaze off into the distance, right? For a “model shot.” NOPE! They’re looking at a bee on the top of the post! haha It had been terrorizing them for about five minutes! The light was so perfect, though, and the tree framed them so perfectly, that they were super awesome and just toughed it out, so I could get not only this photo but the very first one! Such champs! haha

“Model Shot, aka Bee Shot”

I’ll see you in a month for your Formal Bridals! Yay! haha I’m sure that the bees won’t be around for the that one! Love ya’!

LDS Utah Engagements natural light

September 21, 2019

  1. Jolene MacKay says:

    Andrea- the photos are spectacular! I love them all. The scenery was beautiful and the couple, well, I just love those two! We are so happy for them. They will be great together!
    Thank you Andrea for preserving this special moment in their lives. You are the best!

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