Temple Wedding “Bridals”


Temple Bridals

What exactly are Bridals, “Temple Wedding Bridals,” to be exact? MY DEFINITION: a photoshoot some time the week before the Temple Sealing of the bride and groom in their wedding clothes. The night before is my personal favorite, but any time that week beforehand fits my definition!

las vegas temple bride and groom happy
I’m in love with these Sunset Temple Bridal Images taken late afternoon at the temple the day before their wedding…

There is something so unique about taking these Temple Wedding Bridals in a relaxed, non-rushed, uncrowded atmosphere! (Seriously, temples are crazy busy aaaaaaall day on Saturdays, but on a Tuesday, Thursday, or even Friday late afternoon; they are much less crowded…we’ve, usually, got the grounds pretty much to ourselves!) This is a wonderful opportunity to capture you and your new spouse-to-be at the Temple, the symbol of your new, eternal family! It is my FAVORITE to do for my brides and grooms! I LOVE what I am able to capture: anticipation, love, joy… simply put: pure happiness!

Las Vegas Temple Sunset Formal Wedding Bridal
A Favorite shot from their Sunset Temple Bridal session… they were running late, so we only had an hour to shoot; but we got a great variety of beautiful pictures!
-AND we had so much fun!

Often, the day of your Temple Wedding can be more stressful than you anticipate… Having your sealing, family and couple photos, family luncheon, and then a reception, all in one day, well, it can feel rushed and a little crazy! (Okay, a LOT crazy!) Having family travel to get to your wedding usually makes that type of schedule a necessity…However, taking most of your “couple” Temple Wedding Photos the night before takes away one of the stressors! When I am shooting both the Temple Bridals and Temple Wedding, of course, I always make sure we get some Mr. & Mrs./Day Of Wedding photographs in addition to all the family pictures; but it is sooooo nice to already have a great variety of Temple pictures of just the couple in the prettiest light! That makes just grabbing a few more on the actual wedding day not only easy, but it’s a great relief!

Las Vegas Temple Sunset Bridal
This was mid-AUGUST in Vegas! …but with the shade, grass, & breeze, Kelsee was not only beautiful but comfortable!

Did I mention that I am based in Las Vegas? …and, Girl, in Vegas it’s so, very, very, VERY HOT, April – October. (Both my daughters married in the Heat of the Summer: May 27th & AUGUST 23rd! IT WAS SOOOOOO HOT!) …and you ladies have so many layers! ….but a Sunset photo session is later in the day, in the shade of the temple, on the grass, &, often, there is a breeze to help keep you cool! (FYI: Vegas is a Dry Heat where standing in the shade & on grass makes a HUGE difference! – I shoot in Utah & California a bunch & love to travel, too!)

I just want to sing “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” when I look at this picture!

Pandemic Bridals

What about you brides getting married during the Pandemic? This can be a challenge as you whittle down your guest list… If you’re considering NOT using one of your “body count” for a professional photographer, Heaven Forbid, please consider hiring me to take your Bridals BEFORE your wedding! (-of course I’m going to suggest booking me! What did you think I’d say? 🤷🏼‍♀️ haha) With the current restrictions to fewer than 50 people gathering at one place, you are probably having to reevaluate your Wedding Day… I’m so sorry this is happening! As a former bride, mother of two brides and two grooms, and as a wedding photographer, I can empathize with the tough decisions you’re having to make. You know, though…I’m kind of an expert on Wedding Day Schedules… What is my suggestion, then? That’s easy: Keep. It. Simple! Focus on your “almost” eternal companion and the beautiful blessings you are about to receive…Focus on the Temple!


As you ponder how to better make the Temple and Temple Sealing the focus of your Wedding Day (and not stress about all the craziness), I hope you will consider booking me to take your Temple Pictures and Bridals to help make sure you get the beautiful portraits you desire!

LDS Las Vegas Temple Wedding Bridals Sunset

Benefits of Before the Wedding Temple Bridals (taken the week of wedding):

  1. You can do a “First Look!” (Not many Temple Brides can say that!)
  2. You get AMAZING, temple portraits of Bride & Groom in a relaxed, fun atmosphere in THE VERY, BEST LIGHT!
  3. You have something awesome to do the night/week before you get married!
Temple Sealing Day!

Of course, I hire out for a regular, Temple Wedding Days, & I offer regular, Sunset Bridals to all my brides & grooms, either as an add on to a current package or as an option to all by itself! I just wanted to let you know that Bridals are an option to ALL brides, even if I’m not shooting you on your actual Wedding Day.

beach bridals natural light bride groom LDS
Such Joyful Beach Bridals taken the night before their wedding!

Formal Bridals

Some Temple brides prefer to have their Bridals taken at a different location and several weeks before their Wedding Day, so they can display their Bridal Portraits at their Wedding Receptions. I’ve been able to shoot not only at temples but in other, beautiful places in all kinds of crazy weather, & I’ve loved every. single. shoot!

beach bridals natural light bride groom LDS
Incredible Beach Bridalsshot in-between two, huge storms!
I wasn’t available for their Temple Wedding, so I shot their Engagements, Beach Bridals, & Backyard Civil Ceremony

Benefits of Before Wedding Bridals (taken four to six weeks ahead):

  1. You can do a “First Look!” (same as above)
  2. You get AMAZING portraits of Bride & Groom in a relaxed, fun atmosphere at a gorgeous location in THE VERY, BEST LIGHT!
  3. You have opportunity to wear your wedding shoes for over one and a half hours; this will help you know if you want to have a second, more comfy pair for everything besides your Wedding and portraits.
  4. You have beautiful portraits to display at your Wedding Reception!
Smith Center Bridals
beach bridals natural light bride groom LDS
Incredible Beach Bridals, including First Look

Whether Bridals is all you hire me for to simplify your Pandemic “Enhanced” Wedding Day (and get some amazing Temple Bride & Groom photos in a fun, yet intimate, setting for a great price), or whether you’d just like to add on Bridals as part of your total Wedding Photography Package (at a discount), I would love to sit down and talk to you about how I can best serve your individual wants and needs!

Las Vegas LDS Wedding Smith Center
Smith Center Bridals

Simply head back to my website and fill out the contact form. Usually, I can get back to you within 24 hours! Now, finish scrolling to see some of my favorite Bridals and Wedding Photos from the last year or so…. https://andreamackayphotography.com/contact

More Beautiful, Bridal Examples

Smith Center Bridals
Las Vegas LDS Wedding Smith Center
Beautiful Bridals, including First Look
Temple Wedding Day
fall bridals utah mountains
Autumn Mountain Bridals….so much fun and so beautiful!
Autumn Mountain Bridals, including a First Look
Las Vegas LDS Wedding Bridals in Utah
Retention Basin park Utah LDS engagements
Park Bridals, including First Look
peach blossoms glicrease orchard bridals
A Favorite from a stormy Bridal session, taken one month before their Temple Wedding Day.
glicrease orchard bridals pink blossoms
Stormy Orchard Bridals, including First Look
Wheelz bridal portraits las vegas
More Amazing Park Bridals
Wheelz Fotheringham hand plant bride groom
We next shot Bridals for Charlee & Wheelz at his favorite, local skate park!

Wedding Day Temple Photos

Wedding Day LDS Temple fountain pic bride and groom
Temple Wedding Day Mr. & Mrs. Portraits
las vegas las temple fountain wedding bride and groom
Temple Wedding Day Mr. & Mrs. Portraits
Las Vegas Temple bride and groom midday natural light photographer
Midday Mr. & Mrs. Temple Wedding Portraits- yes, I can rock “full sun, too!” 😉
natural light LDS temple wedding bride beautiful bouquet Oquirrh Mountain Temple
Mount Timpanogas LDS Temple bride and flowers wedding day
natural light LDS temple wedding bride beautiful bouquet UTAH TEMPLE WEDDING
Wheelz Fotheringham Temple Wedding photos wheelchair wedding pics
wheelz fotheringham las vegas temple WDDING bride and groom

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