Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

Last Saturday we were enjoying being in a mountain cabin with some of our family. Our son-in-law & oldest daughter had promised their two little boys (ages 4 & 2) that we would all go  on a walk that afternoon. 

ideal walk in mountains with family
NOT how they looked hiking, but aren’t they an adorable family?! This pic is from the next day.

The boys were so excited! We took the puppies and their energy and headed out on our “adventure.” We drove to a meadow and then walked and found snow, mud, and many, many rocks to the delight of these little boys. Each way the walk was just over half a mile. On the way out the two year old took the lead and practically ran the whole way with the puppies right beside him and brother running between us.

boy walking dogs in mountains
The orderly way the walk started…
toddler and puppies in mountains
He was behind everyone until I challenged him to be the Leader!
little boys walking dogs in mountains
Then they both took off!

On the way back, however, every rock, it seemed, held endless fascination for the two year old. His older brother was happy to stay close as I chose to hang back with them…and tried my best to coerce the toddler to move a little faster…to no avail.

toddler picking up rocks
Oh, that’s a nice-looking rock!
toddler carrying rocks
His pockets were full, so he held them…and then deposited them into my pockets!

He would bring me rocks for MY pockets when his pockets were full! The rocks in his pockets weighed down his pants so much that they would fall down…so he REALLY couldn’t walk very fast…or far. so it was a continual redistribution of rocks in pockets!

toddler showing rock collection
“I love these little people, and it is not a slight thing when they who are so fresh from God love us.” – Charles Dickens

As we watched his parents, puppies, & grandpa get farther and father ahead, I even tried picking up the toddler, carrying him piggy back (at the risk of muddy shoes on my clothes), and then tried Superman/flying…but he complained and twisted the whole time! So, I set him down, resigned to the fact that our walk back to the cars would, indeed, be very slow and long. 

big rocks little boy
His biggest rock, yet!

The four year old finally looked up from the mud and rocks to find that his parents were nowhere in sight! They had gone around a bend in the road, and then another, and so were no longer visible to either the boys or myself. He started to panic & whimper that his parents had left us all alone and that we’d never make it back to the cabin. 

sad boy on mountain
Sad little guy still kept looking for rocks

I crouched down, gave him a hug, looked him in the eyes, and explained that his parents would never forget us! I told him that I was sure they would be getting the car to come back and pick us up! 

around the bend kids walking
Having faith and still walking!

He was so worried that they wouldn’t come back for him! He voiced several times, as we kept up our snail’s pace, that they had left him. Over & over, again, I reassured him that they would be back. I reaffirmed their love and concern for him and his brother, that they would never desert them; and that his parents knew they they would be safe with me.

mountain scene
Said “beautiful scenery”

I explained that we could just enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy our time together while we waited for them. I started singing some primary songs (starting with “I Know My Heavenly Father Loves Me,” of course) then after several songs switched to Mickey Mouse Club for its marching beat! 

marching little boys
Marching as we sing!

We found another huge mud puddle for the boys to throw rocks into, and then, of course, what appeared on the horizon? Their Daddy in the car! 

toddler on mountain path
Right before Daddy drove up

They were both so excited to see that their father had returned for them! The four year old immediately asked where everyone else was…they were back at the starting point just waiting for us to come back. He was overjoyed!

loving family in mountains
“Our family is the focus of our greatest work and joy in this life; so will it be throughout all eternity…” Russell M. Nelson 

Now, I’m sure you can draw the analogy that we are like those little boys, wandering, wondering, & worrying… Our Heavenly Father will never leave us alone, just like the boys’ loving parents wouldn’t. Their parents knew the boys were with someone who could help them and comfort them if a problem should arise. He sends the Comforter to help us along our journey. Their rescuer/savior came to bring them back to the rest of the family. Our Savior through His Atonement makes it possible for us to return back to our families…and our joy will be overwhelming, just as the boys experienced, when we are all united with our families, again, after our earthly adventures are over. 

Be Not afraid Meme

So remember, even though you can’t see around the bend, I KNOW that God is able to help you, encourage you, and help you enjoy your adventure as you heed His counsel to “Be not afraid, only believe.” Mark 5:36

Grandma and grandson at cabin
Me with my adorable four-year old grandson who hiked with me
Grandma and toddler
Me and my tenacious, rock-collecting toddler grandson who let me carry his precious rocks.


toddler walking slowly on mountain

April 29, 2020

  1. Suzanne Clark says:

    Beautifully written with sweet photos. I love your analogy. Still have rocks in your pockets???

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