Skiers Vs. Snowboarders

The battle between skiers and snowboarders continues! Thankfully, Little T’s parents had setups for both! 

sleepy skier snowboarding newborn
Sneak Peek

After sending these first two sneak peeks to mom & dad, I got the following, hilarious responses:

Snowboarding Dad: “Cute. And shows difference between skiing and boarding. Skiing puts you to sleep.” 

skiing snowboarding newborn
Epic snowboarding and adorable skier…so hard to choose a favorite!

Skiing Mom: “Yeah, ‘cause skiing is so much harder you need to rest at the end of the day.”  

sleepy skiing newborn
Sleepy Skier

But seriously, little Theron was so sweet! Although, I did get the feeling that he didn’t quite trust me enough to ever fall into a deep sleep… possibly because I used to dress his daddy up in bras, jewelry, and heels! 

eyes still open newborn boy
Eyes, still, not quite shut

Haha Confused? Theron is my nephew! His daddy is my baby brother! As the only girl in my family I was crushed when yet another brother was born into the family, so I used to dress him up as if he were a girl. That only lasted until he was three, but I guess I can understand Theron’s initial distrust 😉

peeking newborn
This is the “I’ve got my eye on you…” pic that I 💙💙💙

Seriously, though, he just was not very sleepy! (It must be me!🤷🏼‍♀️🤔) We finally jumped in to grab some awake snowboarding pics after we were sure his tummy was full. He seemed entertained, hanging out in “the snow” for a few, epic shots, but then he ate one more time…

snowboarding newborn
Oh, that grin! He looks like he’s having a blast!

…& was rocked to sleep… (Mommy has that magic touch!) At least it seemed to get him sleepy enough to grab these last couple of adorable, hat photos! 

blue and gray striped hat newborn boy
Finally! Zzzzzzzz…..

Long ago, I forgave my brother for being a boy; he is a wonderful brother, and, already, a great father; and his wife is an amazing mother! (I’m just thrilled that I get such an adorable, new nephew! Thanks!😘)

striped blue and gray newborn
Such sweetness…
not quite sleepy newborn boy
Haha back to checking on me….
sleepy newborn baby boy star hat
Adorable Little Sandman
eyes wide open newborn boy
Those eyes!
baby toes
Such perfect little toes
newborn boy black & white
I always love a few black & white to emphasize the perfection of a Newborn’s features
sleepy skier 2 newborn boy
Sleep Tight, little one…

Sleepy skier on bed

February 26, 2020

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